Visualized events module

Events visually integrated directly on your interactive map

Map events

Our event module is built to make event promotion easier and visitor navigation clearer. It allows an innovative way to present your events, replacing outdated formats and creating an interactive map platform for event promotion.

interactive hand drawn map



Event location

Allow easy orientation to the event by placing it on an interactive map, making it clearly visible and easy to navigate to.


Notification time

Set up notifications that will appear on the map a determined amount of time before the event, allowing targeted event promotion.


Easy management

Events can be added and managed easily. Special submission links can be given to partner organizations.

What is this module ideal for?


Expositions and trade shows

Allow easy tracking of location and timing of various presentations in different areas of your exposition space. Great for large venues, with big volumes of presentations and events happening at once.


Towns and cities

Events from various organizers can be placed on a single map. Special submission links allow easy access for partners. Ideal for towns that want to centralize their event management.


Amusement parks

Create clear schedules of reoccurring events and their locations, managing timely visitor movement in the park. Great for promoting events to visitors browsing the map. Can be used on info terminals.

Additional Features

Innovative, professional features can be installed on your map as additional modules.


Online map maker

Easily create an interactive map online, add objects and embed it in your website.


Custom interactive maps

We can develop unique map designs and features based on your needs and requirments.


Statistical gathering

Observe map usage data, add it to your reports.