Statistics module

Observe object and route popularity View map activity data Extract data into reports

Map statistics

Use your interactive map to gather useful data. Track which objects and routes gather the most interest and make calculated marketing and organizational decisions based on that data.

map interactive statistics



Track objects and routes

See which objects and routes gather the most interest.


Acitivity heat map

Watch the activity in a heat map, gather data on the hot spots in your city.


Extract reports

Extract the data into useful reports that can be added to your presentations.

Additional Features

Innovative, professional features can be installed on your map as additional modules.


Online map maker

Easily create an interactive map online, add objects and embed it in your website.


Custom interactive maps

We can develop unique map designs and features based on your needs and requirments.


Event management

Share the current and upcoming events directly on your map.

Statistical demo version

Try out the statistical interface demonstration version