Terms of services for the trial version map maker

Our purpose is to provide an online map maker software that allows the user to create their own interactive map. The purpose of this open trial format is to allow the trying and testing out of our software, to any interested party.

This software is currently provided in a 2 month trial format as a default offering. Please contact us to learn more or establish a different kind of agreement.

By signing up for our service you get access to a two month trial of our interactive map software. After this period you will be presented with payment options, starting from 50 EUR per month subscription or a custom plan based on the specific agreement. If you want to discuss the payment options before the trial ends, you can contact us directly. Overall, all payments plans will have to be agreed upon separately and there are no obligations to using the trial version right now.

We reserve the right to use the map that you create for promotional and marketing purposes.

After the trial expires, and if you do not establish an additional agreement with us, we reserve the right to disable the account and delete your map if, for whatever reason, we decide that it is necessary. Conversely, arranging some kind of agreement with us before the end of the trial period will guarantee the safekeeping of your map and its content, based on the new terms that we agree on.

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