Interactive map maker for cities, tourism centers and parks

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Create objects, routes, audio guides and events.

Choose from a variety of map colors and icon styles.

Gather statistical insights and use them in your reports.

reimagine your city

We offer

Visual identity
visual identity

Stand out with a beautiful map that can be customized to your liking.

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Statistical insights
statistical insights

Use built-in analytics to gather valuable data from your map.

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Ease of use
ease of use

Enjoy easy and intuitive navigation and content management.

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Visual identity

Choose among a variety of map colours and icons to illustrate your map.

visual identity visual identity

Or, get an exclusive custom map drawn and designed specifically for you.

visual identity visual identity

Statistical insights

Monitor your map usage statistics such as visitor count, country
of origin, object and route popularity and much more.

Export collected data into reports.

statistical insights statistical insights

Ease of use

Administrating object and route creation has never been simpler, faster and easier.
The map interface is intuitive and user friendly.

Additional Features

  • Easy integration into any website.
  • Adapted for PC, mobile and info terminal use.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Built-in audio guide system.
  • Video guide creation capability.
  • Event management and notification system.
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